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I am a friendly and flexible wedding planner with 15 years of experience in the industry, working on some of the largest and most luxurious weddings in the UK. I believe that every couple deserves to have their dream wedding and every couple should have the chance to enjoy the wedding planning journey.

Couples shouldn't be getting stressed about their budget, confused about the number of suppliers to choose from, or worried about remembering all the little details. Couples should be getting excited, they should be inspired, feel loved, feel happy and feel supported. Giving my couples all the feelings they SHOULD have - that is why I do this job.

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I'm Lucy Meehan and I am an Essex based wedding planner, working in London, the surrounding counties and across the UK.

What makes me different to other planners?
Your wedding should be about you both, who you are, what you love and celebrating this through an incredible party with your friends and family. This is why I specialise in flexible wedding planning, I don't have a set style, so I ensure that your celebration is tailored to you.

How do I work?
I am a people person, I love having a glass of wine with couples, getting to know their stories and I love helping them!  I look at what you need, create a proposal based on this, I curate the design, I do all the research and multiple planning emails and I get on with delivering the best wedding for you!

What's my experience?
I've been in the Wedding and Events Industry for 12 years and 6 of those years were managing event and wedding hires at London's Natural History Museum. I've managed hundreds of weddings and events over the years and remember every one. There is nothing quite like your couple and their guests walking into their dressed venue for the first time, or hearing their speeches or watching their first dance and knowing you made it happen.

Why do I do this?
Years ago I juggled a full-time job and planning my own wedding and so I appreciate the challenge many couples face in balancing planning such a big event with your work and social life.  So I've made it my mission to make this easier for couples. If you want to make your wedding day the best and most memorable celebration that it deserves to be, then do get in touch. Lets meet (or zoom) with a glass of something and have a chat!


I've always been someone who has gone above and beyond for the people I work with. In fact my first boss gave me the feedback - "sometimes you need to say no".

When I met my husband I saw that he was even more generous with his time and skills than I was. My husband and I used to work together and we were a formidable team, all clients loved working with us and knew that their wedding or event was in safe hands!

A decade later when I discussed the idea to my husband of me using my experience and starting up my own wedding planning company, so that I could help many busy brides the way I know how, he was my greatest cheerleader.

Totally behind me 100%, despite it meaning essentially being on call most days! I was lucky enough to find my partner who appreciates me for who I am and what I do and now I get to help amazing, stylish brides celebrate that they too have found their dream partner.

It is now my turn to be your support, your advisor, your designer and stylist, your researcher when you simply don't have time to research. I am there to make life easier, to provide creative inspiration and bring enjoyment to every step of your planning journey. As one of my couples recently said 'everyone needs a Lucy!'.

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"...I would like to thank you for everything that you did to make our day truly magical. Everything ran smoothly and both Anil and I were amazed with the set up."

- K&A

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