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1. Do I need a Wedding Planner?
The average wedding takes 300+ hours to plan, so many couples simply do not have the time to plan their wedding alongside their work and social life. Others can be overwhelmed at the huge variety of ideas, styles, suppliers, fees that are out there. But every couple is different and has their own needs and a good planner will be dedicated to delivering them.
There are many reasons as to why having an extra pair of hands is important. And not just any pair of hands but those of a professional that can do things such as give advice, recommend the best suppliers for what you want, plan the wedding seamlessly and finally deliver the wedding of your dreams.
A wedding planner is a time saving, troubleshooting, organised, committed, experienced person that will make sure you enjoy every moment.
2. Where do you work?
I am based in Essex and I mainly work in London and the surrounding counties, but I can work further afield as needed.
3. Do you help with wedding design?
Absolutely! If I am providing full planning for a couple then I will work on pulling out from you all your likes, dislikes, the style of fashion and home decor you enjoy, the ideas you may already have for your wedding day. I do this to ensure that when I put it together and create a mood board for you, you look at it and love the concept!

I absolutely love researching new trends, supporting more traditional looks and also curating new and unique designs.

I absolutely love experimenting with tableware, colour charts and linen swatches, choosing beautiful flowers, looking at different shades, textures - I love love love it!

4. What style of wedding do you plan?
Every couple is different and so should their weddings be. I pride myself on being an experienced and flexible wedding planner that doesn’t have a set style. I will curate a wedding style that reflects your style, your interests and one that works within your chosen venue. 
5. Will a Wedding Planner take over?
A Planner should never take over. I help you make decisions as I have the experience and knowledge to do so, but I listen and advise to ensure we find what you need and then I implement a plan to create your ideal day.

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6. Can a Wedding Planner help me save money?
When I provide full wedding planning I create and manage your wedding budget. I determine what values to place on each element given my experience and my knowledge of what you want. This knowledge and experience will inevitably save money as it will ensure that the budget is correctly allocated, it also means that when I source the suppliers, I choose those that are the best value and therefore fit for you.
When sourcing suppliers I determine value by looking at the suppliers’ quality of work, price, consistency, experience and reputation.
7. How do you choose the suppliers you use?
When I am working with a couple on a full wedding planning basis I do the venue search and the supplier search.
Now obviously there are suppliers that I have worked with, who I would recommend in a heartbeat and would love to work with time and time again. There are also suppliers who I have worked with who I wouldn't necessarily recommend.
Each wedding is different and so the suppliers that are suitable for that wedding will differ. I always consider many elements when shortlisting suppliers, this includes:
- style, product, budgetavailabilityservicedeliveryway of workinglocation
They all play a part in matching the right suppliers to your day.
8. Can you work within our wedding budget?
This really depends on the budget. I will advise you (based on my experience) whether or not your wedding budget is realistic in order to achieve what you are hoping to achieve. Sometimes I will advise that a budget is ample and sometimes I will advise that we may need to tweak some of your preferences in order to bring it in on budget. But I will always work with honesty and integrity and will deliver the wedding we have discussed.
9. How many weddings do you plan a year?
I take on a limited number of weddings for full planning each year and I also take on a limited number for On the Day Coordination. It is important that I manage my diary in this way to ensure I can dedicate more than enough time to each couple and their needs.
10. How much does a Wedding Planner cost?
Wedding Planners will have different charges but there are industry averages for certain services.
Full planning
Most Wedding Planners will charge a percentage of your wedding budget for this service as the amount of work often differs depending on the size or scale of the wedding. The average charge for full wedding planning is 10-15% of the total wedding budget spend and due to the number of hours involved there is normally a minimum fee that will apply. The minimum fee normally ranges from £4k-10k.
Fixed fees can normally be negotiated for larger budget weddings.
On the day coordination
Most Wedding Planners will charge a fixed fee for this service. The average is £850 – £3,000 (as inclusions and experience can differ).
There is a more detailed explanation of the common services and costs in this blog.

11. Why should I have an On the Day Coordinator if I have a coordinator with my venue?
Firstly, On the Day Coordination is a misleading term, it can make couples think that the Coordinator is just there on the day (in the same way your venue contact is), but this is not the case. An On the Day Coordinator will begin working on your wedding 1-2 months before the wedding date, as there is a lot of work to do in preparation for the big day.
I have a blog dedicated to all the ways in which an On the Day Coordinator differs to a Venue Coordinator so you can see if it would be useful for you. Click here to read more.
12. Do you plan parties or just weddings?
Having been in the wedding and events industries for nearly 13 years I am experienced at managing all types of events and parties. I love helping such a variety of people and their individual needs, creating designs for all types of celebrations.
13. What if I book one service and need more assistance?
Of course you can, I am here to help. This is my job though and so I do have to charge for my time. We can discuss what is needed and go from there.
14. How do I book you?
Choosing a Wedding Planner that is right for you is a big decision. You need to make sure they are knowledgeable, experienced, organised, easy to work with. You want someone who understands your needs, who can create and/or deliver your vision. You want someone who is recommended, who has great connections in the industry. You need someone who can confidently look after your day and ensure it exceeds your expectations.
I consider myself and my work to match these needs. You may have read about me and my services, seen my client’s testimonials and decided that I am the planner for you. If so, that is amazing and I look forward to working with you!
The first step is to book a call with me. 
If you want to see the whole process then check out this blog.
15. Do you have insurance and payment terms?
Absolutely, I have my own Public Liability Insurance. If you are interested in my full Terms and Conditions of hire then just get in touch and I would be happy to share them with you.

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