Essex wedding planner
A friendly, experienced and fastidious wedding planner, providing busy, stylish couples with a fun and stress-free experience. 
Let's create your worry-free, timeless wedding day together.
This has to be the most popular service. Otherwise known as full planning because it includes all elements of planning your wedding. From the first consultation I will get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your vision for the day. From here I will create a bespoke proposal that together we will fulfil.
Whether you are planning a classic wedding at a listed mansion, a bespoke marquee wedding at your family home or a weekend of celebrations, I will research and source the best venue and suppliers to deliver a day that is truly what you have always dreamt of.
I will be with you at every stage, working on everything from your budget to your schedule and of course I will be there the whole day or weekend of celebrations to deliver the memorable celebration that I have promised.
I will advise and support you throughout, giving you the most enjoyable planning experience. 

Kim & Anil

Otherwise known as On the day coordination.
After many months of hard work, even couples who have enjoyed planning their wedding can feel overwhelmed at how much is to be done in the final few weeks. They also realise that they, nor their family/friends have the time or experience to direct suppliers and ensure a venue is set up on time and exactly as they planned.
In the weeks before your wedding you can make sure you only receive calls from excited friends and relatives instead of florists, cake-makers and musicians, asking to be emailed directions or to check the schedule again.
With this service I will come in 4-6 weeks before the wedding. I will go through all your plans, and, being an experienced luxury wedding planner, I have the knowledge to guide you on anything that may be missing. I will liaise with suppliers from that point and I will be there on the day to deliver the wedding you have so carefully created.
You and your guests can then concentrate on having the fun celebration you hoped for.
Otherwise known as partial planning. 

Many couples want to plan some of the elements of their wedding, but they want the help of a professional wedding planner to help with other elements of the day.

Some couples can also find that planning their wedding is more time consuming, more complicated or more stressful than expected.

With this option I will take the lead from you. I will get involved whenever you need me and will do whatever is left to do.


This is a great service for those that would like professional help in planning their day but do not have the budget to cover the full planning service.

I will advise and support you from the moment you enlist me, giving you an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

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