Wedding Planning Advice & Training

Are you engaged?

Do you need some help with planning your wedding but want to continue planning it yourself?

Do you know someone who is engaged and want to get them a unique and helpful gift?

Sharing my knowledge

I am a luxury wedding planner with over 12 years experience in London's Wedding and Events Industry. 

I have  successfully planned hundreds  of celebrations and so I can advise on all of the elements involved in planning a couple's perfect wedding day.

These Wedding Planning Power Hours give couples a chance to continue to plan their day, but get some help whenever they need it.

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Learning at your own pace

The Planning Power Hours give couples time with me (either in person or over zoom) where they can discuss any issues they may be having with planning their wedding and time to work through the solutions with me.

They may have issues with budget planning, venue or supplier sourcing, table planning or the wedding day schedule (to name just a few common areas). 


Planning Power Hour Giftcards
Couples may not have a specific problem, but they may need some research assistance, recommendations or even styling tips. They may need some advice due to the current epidemic. What ever it may be it can be covered in a Planning Power Hour.
If you know a couple that are engaged and would like to get them something useful and unique then you can get them a Planning Power Hour Giftcard!

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