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Creating a beautiful tablescape – part 2

When planning a wedding or party, you will inevitably have a chosen style, a look, a feeling that you want to create for your guests, your tablescape is key in capturing this style.

In the Tablescape Part 1 blog I discuss the elements to consider as the starting point of your wedding tablescape, the beginning of your creative canvas, the first few layers on which you will build your wedding style. In this blog I will look at the other areas that add another dimension – glassware, florals, napkins, stationery and lighting.


Firstly you need to choose the number of glasses you need, for example do you want a glass for each type of wine or just one for wine and one for water. Consider how many glasses can fit on the table amongst the other items that you’ll have. Once you know the number needed you can think about the style of glasses. There are a variety of choices available with glassware from different shapes, sizes, styles and colours. So, you need to consider your wedding style and ensure that your choice fits with that. For example, if you are having a traditional wedding then something like a crystal glass would complement your tablescape, whereas this wouldn’t necessarily work for a modern look. You don’t have to choose all glasses from the same design, for example you may choose tall elegant glasses for wine and fizz and then have a coloured tumbler for water. This gives you another way of injecting your colour scheme into the table design.

Wedding Florals

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers far too many to include here so there is a whole separate blog on this. But for this section I’m concentrating on a few things to consider with the flowers for your tablescape. Keep in mind the amount of space available on the table, this is especially important for low arrangements or multiple smaller arrangements, not only do you need to think about glassware and crockery etc, but think about smaller details such as your table number or name and whether or not you are placing bread and butter and bottles of wine or whether this will be served. Consider the fact that people need to see and speak to each other so if you are having a lower arrangement make sure the flowers don’t stand too high and if you are having a tall arrangement then make sure the stand or vase is something that guests can easily see through.

The Napkin

As with your main linen (mentioned in Part 1) there are many choices for your napkin. Different colours, textures and designs. You could consider using your napkin as a pop of colour or as another neutral colour to complement your wider colour palette. The position of the napkin can vary depending on what else you’re including in your tablescape. You may want to hang the napkin off the table (waterfall style), fold it into a pocket on top of your charger plate (into which you can place a menu or a place setting) or fold it into a relaxed knot to add to the texture of the tablescape.

Wedding Stationery

When it comes to stationery you will likely have a suite of wedding stationery that includes your save the dates, invitations and orders of service, so you may choose the same or a similar style for your place settings, table names and menus. However, you don’t have to you can use stationery that is different in print or texture but that still works to deliver your wedding style and is potentially more complimentary to the other layers on your tablescape. So think about the texture and the style as well as the placement (whether on the table, in a napkin, on a napkin on a stand etc).


Not only do you need to ensure that guests can see their food to eat, but you should try to create an ambience. The easiest way to do this is through lighting. Lots of candles at different heights, lots of lights in a warm yellow white (as opposed to an LED colder looking bluer white light), a festoon above diners, lanterns around the dining area - there are lots of ways to achieve this romantic atmosphere.

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To bring together blogs part 1 and 2 – if the budget allows then creating your wedding tablescape is your opportunity to get creative - upgrade your glassware and cutlery, upgrade your furniture choices to fit your style, include different textures with your napkins, linen choices, crockery, floral display etc.

This isn’t to say that if you have plain white cotton linen or standard glassware then guests will not enjoy the meal, but these are all ways to enhance your wedding, creating a stylish tablescape and further elevating the experience for guests.

If you would like to know more about my services or discuss how I can help you further then please contact me.


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