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Why hire a wedding planner?

A wedding is one of the most personal celebrations, so many couples often think that they should be the ones to plan it, so why hire a wedding planner?

There are many reasons as to why having an extra pair of hands is important. And not just any pair of hands but those of a professional that can do things such as give advice, recommend the best suppliers for what you want, plan the wedding seamlessly and finally deliver the wedding of your dreams.

The average wedding takes 300+ hours to plan, so many couples simply do not have the time to plan their wedding alongside their work and social life. Others can be overwhelmed at the huge variety of ideas, styles, suppliers, fees that are out there. But every couple is different and has their own needs and a good planner will be dedicated to delivering them.

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So, what is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is:

· an advisor, a counsellor, there to support you and keep your planning journey stress-free

· a time saver

· someone who will work with you to capture and deliver the wedding that you want

· a budget manager – able to help determine and more importantly continually manage it for you

· a potential money saver (based on a variety of factors)

· a venue searcher – able to find the most suitable venue for your needs

· an industry professional with the contacts and knowledge of the best suppliers to suit your style and budget.

· a meticulous worker – who can keep your vision and schedule on track

· an experienced on the day coordinator for all aspects of the wedding who will set up and pack down, manage suppliers and deliver your wedding as planned.

· a problem solver - they will have the experience to foresee and troubleshoot any issues that may arise on the day (without any disruption to you or your guests)

· someone who will ensure you enjoy every moment of the planning journey

· someone who will give you the most memorable day of your lives

When should I get a wedding planner?

Most planners offer a variety of services so that you can get one involved at the time that best suits you. The main services are:

· full planning (where they will look after every element from budget and design to planning and on the day management)

· on the day coordination (where they will get involved c.4-6 weeks before the wedding date and will take over liaising with suppliers from that point, they will create a wedding schedule and deliver it on the day itself)

· partial planning (a more bespoke service that is tailored to the couple’s needs and timeline depending on when they are brought on board)

So hopefully the answer is clear? A wedding planner is a time saving, troubleshooting, organised, committed, experienced person that will make sure you enjoy every moment. I suppose the real question is – Why wouldn’t you hire a wedding planner?!

If you would like to know more about my services or discuss how I can help you then please contact me, we can have a chat and go from there.

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