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Planning a wedding – A Bride-to-Be’s New Year’s Resolutions

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, there is so much to consider and many bride-to-be’s fall into the same habits which can actually cause more worry, so here are my New Year’s Resolutions for Brides-to-Be to live by in 2021.

1. I will ask for help when I need it

There is nothing about planning a wedding that should come naturally to you, especially if you have never planned an event like this before. So please don’t expect to just know what you should be doing and when, don’t expect to know the best wedding planning timeline, don’t expect to know what things should cost and who you should get them from. Do not be afraid to get help. I don’t necessarily mean from a Planner like myself (although I can obviously help you).

To start with you can read wedding blogs (I have many you can look at but there are so many out there) – they are great at knowing how to get started, things to consider/be aware of and little tips you wouldn’t think of. I also offer short 90mins planning training sessions which cover how to get started, how to budget effectively and I provide you with proposals for your next steps.

You can of course ask friends and family for help but I wouldn’t recommend doing this at the beginning of your planning journey, as they will likely list lots of things that you need to do or they’ll question you on what you have or haven’t done yet and that can be overwhelming! When you do go to family and friends I would recommend being specific with your questions so they keep to the information that is helpful for you.

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2. I will research and budget

As I’ve mentioned above a wedding is a big event to organise with many potential pitfalls along the way so make sure you research fully and budget effectively. What I mean by this is carefully look into the different areas of the wedding like catering, floristry, entertainment etc and get some comparative quotes (before setting your budget). Ensure you have a budget that includes all the elements that your wedding may include. Removing lines (if you don’t go for something) is a lot better than adding lines (and therefore trying to find more money) if you suddenly decide to go for something that you originally discarded. You don’t have to be specific with figures and know exactly what you might spend, but if you do some research you will at least have a good starting point in each area.

Make sure you update your budget as you go, so you can always see what you have spent and what is left. Of course if you have a Planner then we will do this for you.

3. I will not rush into ordering/buying things

Brides often admit that their biggest regret was making rash purchases in the post-engagement excitement. They admit to buying or ordering items too soon, to later change their minds completely (once they had a better understanding of what they wanted their wedding to be like). So make the resolution to take your time, as much as you’re excited and want to get going – don’t rush!

4. I will trust my suppliers

If you have done your research then I’m sure you have chosen some fantastic suppliers. These suppliers know their product, their industry and you need to trust them. Of course you still need to check details with them to ensure that you’ve booked what you want, but when it comes to delivery – try and trust them. Of course, if you have a Planner on board then they will have only suggested suppliers that they trust and ones that they know can deliver what you want and for the price you want. Your Planner will also then be the one communicating with them.

5. I will make time for ‘me time’

A wedding normally takes 300 + hours to plan. So, you can imagine how easily it can take over any free time you have. Trying to juggle work, wedding planning and some kind of social life (let alone time with your fiancé) can be hectic. Especially as you put pressure on yourself, worrying if you’ve made the right choices, or if you’ve forgotten anything, if your guests will enjoy themselves, what your parents will think. The list goes on and it can make your wedding planning journey a bit stressful! So, make time for yourself. Do something you enjoy, whether that be something active or something relaxing. I have a blog all about wedding self-care so check that out if you want to see more tips.


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