Making a small wedding extra special: Part 2 - The Content

In last week’s blog my 5 tips for creating a wonderful and intimate small wedding were design focused. Ways that you could make the wedding look and feel special and intimate. This week my tips will be more about the content of the celebration.

Tip 6 – Wedding Food and Drink

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This is an important part of the day. The meal is the time where guests get to meet, where they listen to speeches and they bond over their relationship to you the bride and groom. It is an opportunity for you to put your stamp on the day, so choose food and drink that you love.

For small weddings, if the budget allows, you can make choices (that caterers might not be able to replicate on mass) that will be more personal and impressive. For example, individual tiered cakes and bespoke personalised cocktails. To add to guest bonding and creating an intimate feel you can also go for sharing platters, dessert stations or even making smores around a firepit. (In the current situation sharing platters and stations may need to be adapted but talk to your caterers about how they can do this for you).

Wedding Entertainment

My next tip for creating a memorable small wedding is entertainment. Live music isn’t just for large weddings, in fact the right choice of musicians can be the perfect addition to a small wedding. What quicker way of creating a wonderful atmosphere?! Consider other forms of entertainment that you enjoy as a couple, whether that be giant outdoor games, fireworks, there are so many options available, but it can create a more unique and memorable experience.

Wedding Traditions

My 8th tip is to tweak but not forget traditions. Wedding traditions aren’t for everyone, but if they are for you, I recommend keeping them, even if your celebration is small. You can tweak them – so you may want to go for more informal toasts rather than full speeches for example. Having a wedding cake (even if smaller) and cutting it together, having a first moment together in front of your guests whether