Choosing your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue is one of, if not the most significant decision when it comes to planning your wedding.

Its so easy when you are looking at wedding venues to get overexcited and swept up in the moment, falling in love with a venue that might not actually cater to what you need. All couples have different priorities for their wedding day, so a venue that fits those priorities isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Your choice of venue will have an impact on so many other elements of your day (see below) and so it is important to consider them and choose wisely.

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Your wedding venue:

  • will determine your guest numbers (due to its capacities)

  • will have an impact on your budget

  • will determine your catering for the day (they may have an in-house service or list of suppliers to choose from)

  • will determine whether or not you can supply your own wine or will have to use their bar.

  • may affect what florists or décor companies you can use (again if they have listed suppliers or have regulations against things like confetti or helium balloons for example).

  • may affect the furniture you use (they may have items in-house that you have to use or cover, they may allow you to hire your own to effectively ‘upgrade’ the look).

  • may affect what entertainment you can have (they may have noise restrictions, or regulations on certain entertainment like fireworks for example).

  • will have a big part to play in setting your wedding style, affecting all your other stylistic choices from flowers and table décor to stationery and your bridalwear as you will want them to complement each other. For example, if you chose a listed mansion or grand country estate you would want your décor and bridalwear to match the grandeur of the venue. If you chose a barn or a tipi as your wedding venue you would want the décor to be rustic and in keeping with the surroundings.