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Why plan a wedding at a country house?

There are so many wedding venue options now, so why plan a wedding at a country house?

The view of a Country estate or Manor house can often conjure up thoughts of scenes from a Jane Austen novel. The impressively long driveways with wonderful views of imposing and grand architecture. It is classical romance at its best and goes to show why country house weddings are still such a popular option for couples.

Country estate wedding venue Essex
  1. The layout, décor, history and character of the house itself adds to the elegance and tradition that comes with a country house wedding.

  2. Country estates or Manor houses may be grand, but they also have a homely charm and provide guests with a perfect opportunity for a day or weekend away from busy city life.

  3. The setting is often the primary reason for couples choosing a country house for their wedding. The vast countryside views give guests a memorable experience and provides the perfect location for your wedding photos.

  4. Not only are the views perfect for your wedding photos, but the interior of such properties often provides multiple timeless and romantic spots for your couple shots (and this can be useful for colder seasons). Your wedding photos are one of the few things you can keep for years to come, so it is important to have pictures that reflect the beauty and elegance of the day.

  5. Not only does a country house provide beautiful photography locations but there are usually multiples spaces. Some couples want their whole wedding in one area, but others love the idea of utilising many spaces in a country house, as if it is theirs for the day (or weekend). You can use them for different elements of the celebration whether that be using one space for drinks on arrival, another space for dinner, one area for dancing and importantly a space for the couple to have a catch up during the day. Couples often comment on how fast the day goes and the fact that they appreciate having space for a little catch up with each other whilst guests are enjoying the reception elsewhere.

  6. A country house location is not only beautiful, but it gives you peace and privacy.

  7. Although in the countryside some venues are conveniently located but you will need to consider accommodation (if not on site) and transportation links before making your decision.

  8. Country house wedding venues will often have one or a list of suppliers to choose from. Some couples can think this is limiting but it is actually a helpful tool. The venue will have suppliers listed that know the venue, they know what works and what doesn’t work, they know how to work in the space and they will be trusted to deliver to the standard expected by the venue.

Country estate wedding Essex

Getting engaged is such an exciting time but then the reality of planning your wedding sets in and you realise just how many venue options there are, from marquees and tipis in back gardens, weekend weddings in country house estates and even unique options like aquariums and museums. Last week’s blog included my tips for Planning a Wedding at Home, this week I’ve touched on why you might choose a Country House Wedding and next week I will look into City Weddings. If you need help with your venue search or any other elements of your wedding planning then please do get in touch.


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