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What is On the Day Coordination?

I’ve planned my wedding, I’ve even enjoyed it, so what is On the Day Coordination and why would it be useful for me?

This is a common query for brides. But after planning your wedding and spending so much time and effort to plan it exactly as you want – you want it to go to plan, don’t you?

Well put simply - an On the Day Coordinator is a wedding professional who can get to know your plans and deliver them for you.

If you are getting married at a venue (and not at home) then you may have a ‘Venue Coordinator’ included in your hire fee. However, the two roles are very different and a comparison is made in this previous blog.

Wedding Planners’ Services

Wedding Planners’ services can differ, some will offer certain specialities - for example countryside barn weddings or weekend weddings and grand destination weddings. Some planners will only offer Full Planning, whilst other offer a range of services including On the Day Coordination.

Whilst I can’t detail what every Planner offers, I can explain more fully what my On the Day Coordination service means.

Why do I need an On the Day Coordinator?

After many months of hard work, even couples who have enjoyed planning their wedding can feel overwhelmed at how much is to be done in the final few weeks.

They also realise that they, nor their family/friends have the time or experience to direct suppliers and ensure the venue is set up on time and exactly as they planned.

In the weeks before your wedding you can make sure you only receive calls from excited friends and relatives instead of florists, cake-makers and musicians, asking to be emailed directions or to check the schedule again.

What does On the Day Coordination include?

Some Coordinators work with a couple 2-4 weeks before, but with my service I come in 4-6 weeks before the wedding. I go through all your plans, and, being an experienced luxury wedding planner, I have the knowledge to guide you on anything that may be missing.

I read through all the supplier contracts (in case there is anything I think you need to consider) and will contact all of them to ensure all the booking details are as you’re expecting. I then liaise with suppliers from that point and am able to field all their last-minute questions and confirmations.

I will work with you on your wedding day schedule. I can create it with you or check what you may have created. I will discuss your plans and based on my experience I can ensure sufficient time has been allocated to each part of the day.

Why is this important? If you haven’t allocated the right amount of time in the first place you will always be fighting a losing battle, you will never be able to make up time. You may think ‘well we can just roll with it’, but it isn’t always that simple. For example - a delay leading up to dinner can result in caterers running out of drinks in the pre-dinner reception, it can result in food being dry and overcooked, it can also mean that Evening Only guests arrive into a room full of Day guests still eating their meal. So, getting the schedule right in the first place and having the experience to make back time is something an On the Day Coordinator should be able to do.

I am at your wedding venue on the day to deliver the wedding you have so carefully created. This will include overseeing load in, set up and managing suppliers (and their queries) throughout the day. I ensure the venue looks and feels as you are expecting, so that you and your guests can then concentrate on having the fun celebration you hoped for.

I will be there throughout the day for your suppliers, the venue staff, guests and of course for you and your partner. I can be asked anything, and knowing your plans inside out, I can advise. I can make you aware of upcoming events like photos, toasts etc and I can get you anything you need.

I give you the confidence to switch off and have fun, the confidence to spend time talking to your family and friends, the confidence to dance the night away without any thought for how it is all happening, but simply enjoying the fact that it is!

I will even stay till the very end, to ensure guests leave safely and to manage the pack down by suppliers. This can include ensuring that items you need (such as presents and cards) are packed away carefully, ready for you to take that night or collect the next morning.

If you are currently planning your wedding and you think that the On the Day Coordination service could be exactly the level of help you need then please do get in touch. I will advise and support you from the moment you enlist me, giving you an enjoyable and memorable experience leading up to your special day.


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