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What is Partial Wedding Planning?

Planning a wedding can be a long and complexed process, so if you’ve started planning but now you think you may need some assistance, then you may be wondering what is Partial Wedding Planning?

Many couples want to plan the main elements of their wedding, but they want the help of a professional wedding planner to help with other elements of the day, such as smaller details and scheduling.

Some couples can also find that planning their wedding is more time consuming, more complicated or more stressful than expected.

Wedding Planners’ Services

Wedding Planners’ services can differ, some will offer certain specialities - for example countryside barn weddings or weekend weddings and grand destination weddings. Some planners will be style-led planners whilst others may be more logistical. Some planners will only offer Full Planning, whilst other offer a range of services.

Whilst I can’t detail what every Planner offers, I can explain more fully what my Partial Wedding Planning service means. With Partial Planning, couples can get the support and advice specific to their needs.

Partial Wedding Planning explained

I often refer to Partial Planning as Bespoke Planning and the reason for this is that I take the lead from you. I get involved whenever you need me and will do whatever is left to do. Because of the bespoke nature of this service, Partial Planning doesn’t normally have a set investment but instead it differs depending on your requirements.

This is a great service for those that would like professional help in planning their day but do not have the budget to cover the full planning service.

What can Partial Planning include?

The majority of couples who require Partial Wedding Planning assistance have already chosen their venue. They may also have their caterer (either in a venue package or as a result of a venue supplier list). They will likely have created a moodboard of images they like and they may know what they want their wedding to feel like. They may have created a vague budget and even sent out their save the dates. Somewhere along their planning journey they realise how much is still to be done, how little time they have to do it, or simply how mundane some of the jobs are (like researching suppliers, getting quotes, sending many many emails).

In contrast some couples have planned the majority of their wedding but realise that there may be little details they have missed. They may want advice on how to elevate their wedding with some special touches, they may need advice on how the day should be scheduled.

How I build the service

So, as you can see from the above examples Partial Wedding Planning really is a completely bespoke service that is different for each couple. When I work with a couple I will always include my On the Day Coordination services as a starting point. This essentially means that they have my support and advice 4-6 weeks before the wedding, I manage suppliers from that point, create the schedule and coordinate everything on the day. With this as a base we can then build it into a bespoke Partial Planning service, which includes the specific roles that the couple need. You may not even know what you need initially (many don’t), but in a consultation we discuss what details are missing or yet to be completed and then you have a chance to choose what you may still like to do yourselves, or what you would like to handover to me.

If you are currently planning your wedding and you think that the Partial Wedding Planning service could be exactly the level of help you need then please do get in touch. I will advise and support you from the moment you enlist me, giving you an enjoyable and memorable experience.


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