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A Christmas Proposal

Tis the season for love and a perfect time for a proposal! As the Christmas season develops there are so many great opportunities for a romantic Christmas proposal – twinkling fairy lights, wintery walks, candlelight, cosy nights in, precious time together, even snow fall – the environment is perfect.

There are also more ways to plan the proposal at Christmas – a present on the tree, a surprise in a cracker. However, as a very popular time for proposals partners are often expecting / hoping for a proposal and so planning a surprise that is memorable and romantic will take some planning.

No matter when and how you propose you want it to be special. So, what options do you have for a Christmas proposal?

Here are some fab ideas, from the simple to elaborate:

Christmas proposal planning

1. A night out surrounded by the Christmas lights – a night out always creates excitement, the anticipation as you get ready, the atmosphere in a restaurant, the reminiscing over dinner, the buzz walking in a city in the cold, crisp night. You could propose during dessert with a glass of bubbles or in a post-dinner stroll surrounded by romantic Christmas lights.

2. A Christmassy day – If your other half loves the Christmas season then maybe they would like a day full of Christmas spirit! A trip to a Christmas market, some Christmas shopping (maybe you even get a little treat for your other half), some lunch and some ice-skating perhaps. You can wait till the end of the day to pop the question or ask during the day when the moment takes you.

3. A night in – perhaps your other half would prefer a night in. At Christmas time its just as easy to create a romantic environment with candles, fairy lights and of course your twinkling Christmas tree. Plan to watch a favourite film, enjoy some gorgeous wine and cheese and ask the question when it feels right.

4. Using a pet – if your pet is an important part of your life then your other half might love for them to be involved in your proposal. How about tying the ring to their collar?

5. Do a Love Actually – this may be cheesy, but this film is a firm favourite and a great one to take inspiration from for a Christmas proposal. If you know the film then you’ll know the scene I am referring to – take some cards, some carol music and spell out your proposal at the doorstep.

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6. A Christmas morning surprise – the ring box could be wrapped up as a present, at the bottom of a Christmas stocking or the ring itself could be hung on the tree. You could even get the big question put onto a personalised decoration. There are many ways to plan a perfect proposal on Christmas morning. Bonus Tip – if you are proposing with a present on Christmas morning and you think your other half may be expecting a proposal then perhaps disguise the ring box in a larger gift box to maintain surprise!

7. A hot beverage or a sweet treat – I realise this sounds weird, but it has the surprise factor. Drinking a warm beverage is even more popular in the winter season, hot chocolate, mulled wine and of course the usual tea and coffee. You could get a personalised mug with the special question at the bottom, so that when they finish their drink there it is – surprise! If your other half has a sweet tooth then you could arrange for a personalised box of chocolates with the question inside?

8. A treasure hunt – you could have clues relating to your relationship either placed around your home or in a location that means a lot to you both. And the treasure at the end – the ring!

9. An outdoor proposal – whether you get down on one knee during a wintery walk or prepare to have the big question written out in lights. A magical part of a Christmas proposal is the romance this season brings. If it is snowing - even better!

10. New Year’s Eve – as you are reminiscing on your relationship from the current year and discussing your future, New Years Eve is a natural and popular choice for many.

*My main tip – when it comes to planning a Christmas proposal or any proposal for that matter the key point is to think about your other half – what do they like, is there anything they really love, could you incorporate it in your proposal? And remember to enjoy the moment!

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As someone who was proposed to on 23 December and someone who loves the Christmas season it was perfect for me! If you would like any other guidance then do let me know. Following your memorable proposal if you both need any help on how to get started with your wedding planning journey then please do get in touch.

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