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Hello and welcome to my first blog post - the making of a luxury wedding planner.

As it is my first blog I thought I should use it as an introduction to me and Lucy Meehan Events Ltd. So I will start at the very beginning (not the very very beginning but near enough). Bear with me, it will naturally be longer than future blogs and I can talk a lot!

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Way back when

When I was at school I wanted to get into Artist Management, I suppose in my head I imagined myself as the next Simon Cowell! I went to university to study Music and Management and continued this ideal in my head. I chose a sandwich course which gave me a year in industry and my tutor suggested I look into Music outreach. This was an area I didn’t know much about, but my tutor thought it was appropriate for my personality and background (work wise) so I gave it a go.

To cut a long story short I ended up working for a year for the London Symphony Orchestra in their education team. I loved it, it was tough working full time (having been a student for 2 years), some long days, weekends and all for free, but I enjoyed every moment. I enjoyed planning the projects, booking musicians and meeting all the varied characters attending the workshops, from little musical babies, teenagers and adults with learning difficulties to budding composers and conductors.

To make it through the year financially, I worked some evenings and weekends at their education centre and venue LSO St Luke’s. Here I was a steward for concerts, I greeted guests and worked the cloakroom at conferences, award ceremonies and parties. This often meant working 9-5 in the education office and then walking down the road to work 6-11pm or even later if it was a party or wedding for example. I loved the fact that each event was different and I guess that planted a seed.

I continued to occasionally work for LSO St Luke’s during my final year at Uni and when I was in the last 6 months of my degree they offered me a full time job as their Departmental Assistant. Can you imagine getting a job offer before you have even graduated and from a place you actually like?

I was thrilled, but with that decision I put a hold on the Artist management idea!

After about 6 months of working there I began running some daytime concerts and shadowing the sales team on venue showrounds. One day Mr B came walking into the venue and said he was interested in viewing the space, I gave him a quick tour and an hour or so later he asked to book us for his retirement party. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe I had booked my first event. I worked with him to plan this party, recommending suppliers and planning the schedule, I loved it!

And so it began

I ran the event on the night, briefing staff and managing suppliers, handling any issues and enjoying the guests’ reactions as they entered the venue. And that was that! Artist Management was no more, Events and Wedding management was the world for me!

A few years on and a few job titles later I became the manager of the Sales Team. I recruited new staff, accredited new suppliers on the venue list and had managed over 100 incredible weddings and events.

A few years on again and the team had continually surpassed annual targets and delivered some incredible work and I sought a new challenge.

Oh wow!

My dream job had become available! The Natural History Museum! I attended an event there during my time at LSO St Luke’s and was in awe of the space. A building that I had been to many times as a child was suddenly transformed into this inspiring venue. After years of following their work a job had become available in their venue hire team and I thought – I CAN DO THIS!

First round interview – done, second round interview – done and the phone rang. Would I take the job? YEEESSSSS!!!!

I still remember now the feeling of walking towards the incredible building on Day 1, the excited butterflies in my stomach. Walking to the office through back of house corridors and thinking I would never be able to find my way there on my own! In my first week I got to witness the legendary quick turnaround from closing to the public at 6pm to guest arrival at 7pm. It was beyond impressive!

The biggest challenge

A few years later and I was thoroughly enjoying managing the Sales team, I had built some wonderful relationships with clients, witnessed some crazy events, eaten A LOT of incredible food and drank some very fine wine from our suppliers, but it was time for my next adventure.

My daughter arrived and what a rewarding journey that would be! Following some months off work I returned to the Museum but this time in a new part-time role. I became their Business Development Manager, using my experience and knowledge of the industry to look at new ways to develop and market our offering. This also means I can design and plan some cultivation and launch events, which I love doing. I love working with suppliers on design concepts, choosing menus and deciding on entertainment, but this element of creativity is not part of my everyday work.

The company

It was clear to me that I missed the creativity, I really missed working with a couple and planning their wedding and I had wanted to start up on my own for a long time. So, I began work, thinking about who I am, the skills I have, who I wanted to help, what kind of Wedding Planner I wanted to be, and Lucy Meehan Events Ltd was created. A few months later a lovely couple hired me as their wedding planner and 6 months later I delivered their spectacular wedding in two unique city venues in London! The feeling of being back at it and seeing the joy on my couple’s faces – it’s hard to describe.

So that’s me, that’s how it all began. Well done for making it this far! I promise the next one will be shorter! Tune in next time for some highs (and a few lows) of my last 11+ years in this wonderful Wedding and Events industry.

If you would like to know more about my services or discuss how I can help you then please contact me, we can have a chat and go from there.


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